just go to sleep, already

When I am tired it sometimes takes me a while to realize how tired I am and I start snacking to make myself feel better. Maybe some food energy will help, I think, even though my stomach is perfectly happy and probably ticked off at being put to work again.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. The exhaustion hit around 3pm so I had an apple. The apple did nothing for me so I moved on to pretzels dipped in chocolate. I even photographed them (see above) because they were so lovely, thus building my anticipation of eating them way up and subsequently being extremely let down when they didn't make me feel better. Then I tried a mini nestle crunch bar. Mmmmmm, but really, nothing. A low fat/high carb tortilla with 1 carefully measured T of Sunbutter? nope. Another crunch bar? Still nothing. 9 points of food later I realized that perhaps I should just lay down. (I never said I was quick.)

James wanted to play on the computer while I napped so we settled in up here in my room. Under my new blanket, sun shining in the window, Ruby asleep....ahhhhhhh. One minute later:

J: Mom, how do you spell pinky dinky doo?
S: sound it out, buddy.
J: (lots of noises and scribbling)
J: p-i-n-c-e...
S: P-I-N-K-Y D-I-N-K-Y D-O-O (thinking now is not the time for teaching. It is the time for sleeping.)
J: Thanks, Mom!
S: (I snuggle down a little deeper. oh, my blanket smells so goooooood.)
J: Mom?
S: (interrupts him, serious voice) James. This is my quiet time. This is your quiet time. There will be no talking to me.
J: Okay.
S: (zzzzzzz)
J: MOM!! Look how many coconuts I got! LOOK LOOK LOOK LO...
S: JAMES! I don't care!!!!!!! Go to your own room!!!
J: Fine, I'm sorry. I won't talk to you.
S: (immediately back to zzzzzzzzzzzz)
S: (hard sleep, begins to drool at some point)
J: Mom? Hey Mom?
S: (raises up on one arm) SHUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J: (looks surprised, eyes wide) okay. (shuts up)
S: (flips pillow over to escape dampness, back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
S: (wakes about 45 minutes later, feeling so much better)
J: (now playing on floor with something, hears me, head pops up beside bed. I observe that he appears to be emotionally unscathed.) Now do you want to see how many coconuts I got?


So, geez, I haven't really been up to the blogging task this week, have I? I guess I've just been busy. Zoe & her kids came over on Monday afternoon and we had a nice time. I introduced her to Leslie, that was fun. I made those yummy chickens again for dinner. Yesterday after preschool we met some friends at McDonalds and had a good time until James wouldn't stop begging for blue PowerAde. So we left and came home and you just read about the rest of the afternoon.

Now it's nice out again today...sunny and such. The rest of the week looks busy so I am very happy to just be here today. I made lots of fun plans with James (guilt kicking in, apparently) for this afternoon like playdoh and planting seeds. And I'm going to exercise. I've lost 5lbs now on WW so that is cool. I almost don't believe it but I guess it's true. I'm not sure where those last 2lbs came from, though, so I am a bit skeptical. Usually I notice in my jeans right away but those are feeling the same this week. Maybe my lower belly it a teensy bit smaller. (yes, I have 2 bellies...an upper and a lower. doesn't everyone? no? oh. well, nevermind...I was just kidding.)

Now I'm running out of steam and I hear Ruby up to NO GOOD downstairs. xoxo


  1. I love that! I have to make Elijah shut up also sometimes....

    We also had TONS of fun on Monday... and I did work out today. Thanks for kicking my butt into gear.

  2. Now I'm hungry after looking at those pretzels. DRAT! It is a FFYN here (Fend for Yourself Night) tonight, so now I am wondering if I should melt down some Hershey bars and dip Rold Golds into it? HA.

    Glad you liked the books--my Dad sends us so many, we get a lot of duplicates, and I want them to go to a family that will truly appreciate them. :-)


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