we've been doing this kind of stuff lately:

our first container garden:James' silly little addition...says we have CAT & DOG planted along with the squash:
Ruby & Aaron:
I need breast reduction, I think. But I do like my hair color.
natalie teaching the dudes how to blow the BIG bubbles:
james & nat:
ruby, digging for the good stuff in her trail mix:
love this one...how elijah put his arm around natalie:
ruby rocking her new (vintage) spidey t shirt:
That's it for today. I am headed for an afternoon at the park that includes a margarita later on. yum! Tonight Patrick volunteered to take the kids so I can go to the bookstore and tomorrow we have our sitter coming (she did call back, thankfully) for the afternoon. Good stuff. Oh yeah, and it's gonna be 80 today. Holy cats.


p.s. you can click on the pics to see them bigger. the one of ruby & the trail mix is cute up close. No need to click on the one of me. I think they are big enough.


  1. You're a riot. I do like the haircolor--did you have it done, or did you do it? It looks a lot like my color. WOW that lion is SO CLOSE!!!!

  2. I did it, Allison. It's a rinse out one, color is Nutmeg. In the green box. Herbal Essences maybe? Thank you. :)

    I know...that lion walked RIGHT up to them. crazy.

  3. The pic of Ruby is really cute up close. I love that her little ankles are crossed. She looks very serious in an adorable way. Finding raisins? :)

  4. Now now, be kind to your boobs! Have they not helped to grow those beautiful kids?

  5. I miss these sweet kids already =(

    xoxo Cousin Rachel

  6. we miss you, too, Rachel!! xoxo

    And Sarah, they did do their part, I'll give them that. But my goodness! I honestly don't even notice most of the time but then I'll see a picture like this. ;)


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