(looking for his next fix egg)

Because I'm all over the place this morning, a list:

  • Ruby peed on the potty again this morning. excellent news. that's twice now. :)
  • clotheslines are full xoxo
  • gorgeous outside
  • out of food. need to get groceries so bad. hard to eat healthy when all my usual healthy stuff is gone. hard to eat, period.
  • park yesterday, park today, life is good
  • van still full o' crap from last week
  • J: Mom, I've had an idea smashing around inside my brain all night.
  • S: Has anyone seen my check card? R: I put it in my truck for safe keepin'.
  • J: Mom, how do you spell "good job on the potty"? I want to make Ruby a sign.
  • Trying to decide if we should put Ruby in preschool next year. It's only 6 hours a week. I remember James at was not an easy year. 2 Ruby-free hours, 3x a week, might be nice. But she is actually quite easy and fun to be around when James is at school now so I just don't know. hmmmmm.
  • If our babysitter doesn't call me back this time I may have to find a new one. One time, I will understand. Twice? Not cool.
  • want to plant bulbs
  • S: I'm not mad at you anymore. P: Good. Take your shirt off. (hehehhehehehehehe)
  • I'm worried that when Ruby stops wearing a diaper that I'll be arrested for pinching her bum too much.
  • started reading my first Urban Fiction novel last night. Realistic stories about life in the ghetto. Just heard of it in an article I read about Detroit. Not really my speed. Does this surprise me? No.

Alright. The sharks are circling. Time to shut this bad boy off and finish my chores before we head out to meet our friends. xoxo


  1. Hooray for Ruby and the potty and for James wanting to make her a sign.

    Our neighbor had their clothes hanging on their clothesline the other day and I thought of you. I should try using a clothesline.

  2. Oh my gosh, good girl, Ruby! WAY TO GO!

    I have already committed to putting James in pre-school and now I am thinking I should have maybe waited? eek?

    Oh, I would so be arrested for all of the but cheek pinching that goes on around here!

  3. You should get one, Holly! For reals.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only pincher, Allison. :)


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