sometimes now she wears a ponytail

Here are some pics from a breakfast last weeks sometime. I can't find my camera but to be honest I haven't looked. I'm pretty sure where it is, so no worries.

Boy, you should have seen my mom this weekend! Piece of work, that one. I won't go into the gory details but she was really ticked that I hadn't gotten my tires changed yet. jeesh, woman. They have been changed, alright?! Just like I had planned...for MONDAY right here in town. (nobody bothered to ask me if I had a plan or anything...that would have been too easy, right?!) And I'm glad my mom didn't take a bet I offered her as they did end up taking the 2 front ones off and throwing them away. So, I was wrong. I'll admit it! But he did say (mechanic) that he's seen worse. So there. And I just have to add that the mechanics at this particular garage are hotties. I don't say too many men are hotties as most men aren't that appealing to me, aside from my husband. Oh, sure, I notice when someone is good looking but most don't make me growl a little on the inside like these guys do. Ay yi yi! (don't worry, have confessed this to husband & the Lord.)

So, ANYWAYS. I'm glad that's over! Well, we still have to go pick it up this morning. I better go shower and put on some makeup. ;)

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  1. told ya........

  2. Hotties at the local garage? Hmm . . . need a friend to go with you next time? LOL.

    BTW, my word verification is "hemen"
    tee hee

  3. Ruby looks sooooo cute in a ponytail!

    Kudos on getting new tires--and using a garage with hotties. Enjoy!

  4. Which garage is this!?!?! :)

  5. "piece of work" seems kind of harsh......
    oh well, at least it's done and we still love and respect each other, right? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.......

  6. right. hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahha.

    an apology, maybe?! you old bat.


    p.s. we needed new brakes, too. I suppose you could tell.

    p.s.s. to the girls: I saw the hotties Dad this morning and he is even HOTTER. rawr.

  7. how old is the hotties dad?
    All I'm really sorry for is telling Annie and your dad on you.......otherwise, I would do it all over again :)

    old bat????? nice.......sure hope I don't get a serious tumor or anything.....

  8. funny, I hope you do...

    just kidding of course.

    When you getting brakes Stephanie?

  9. I got them!! Brakes, tires, serpentine belt, air filter, oil change...we are good to go! Was that you, Dad?

  10. Again with your crazy silly family banter!! Stop please, I'm laughing so hard I'm going to wake my kids. :)


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