So. This is our entry. You can see my to do list taped on the shelf...I have had these lists in almost every room of our house since before we left. They work! (not for patrick, of course, but for me) (we'll get back to that later) This particular list says paint the shelf and put up curtain. I think I will add "new rug" to it as well. Anyways, I decided I want my curtain to have green, black and birds.

This fabric is scarily perfect. The sad thing? It is from IKEA and had my daughter not been being such a spaz last Saturday night I may have seen it there in person and purchased it with NO SHIPPING. Ah well. So, here's one possibility.
I like this a lot but I think it's a little too birdy. And, no black. A touch of black is important.
I like this but there's not enough green. The pink colorway of this fabric, Starling, has the perfect green. But it's pink!!
Not in the running but kinda cute. I hate when sellers don't take a good photo.
Zoe used this one for curtains in her house, and gave me some (thank you!). I love it but it's too much yellow for curtains for me. Had to mention it, though, as I do love it.These birds are creepy looking. Maybe I'll use this one and face it outside on days when I am crabby so no one comes over?? naw.
Okay, no birds and I don't think that's black but I LOVE it and am ordering some. I always love Amy Butler but this is the first print I would actually use.
These little birds are darling and vintage but not for the entry way, of course. Maybe the kitchen!
And using my mermaid tote has shown me how much I adore this line from Heather Ross. I am ordering some more before it goes out of print and gets all pricey. (like her gnomes!)

So, what do you think? Should I go with the Ikea birds? Oh wait! I forgot, there was one more...heehehehhehehe!

And p.s. I think I am going to paint that shelf bright green. Inspired by that green glossy desk at Pottery Barn last winter that's been on my mind ever since. (this all came together in my mind this morning.) (when I saw the list!)


  1. We could always plan a trip down to IKEA:) Sorry but I think you that one is the best! I like some of the others, but that one is by far the best for the spot.

  2. Oh and take the money out of Ruby's college fund (it was because of her that you have to pay shipping;)

  3. I'll take option number one for $200 please Alex.

  4. Love love love Amy Butler's prints. I do agree on the first one. I am kicking myself for not buying a poppies duvet cover when I was at IKEA in February.

  5. Thank you, friends. I think I am ordering that IKEA bird fabric right now! :) fun!

  6. My vote is for the IKEA birds...

  7. I pick IKEA birds too!! Can't wait to see your curtains!! Hopefully in person this summer?


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