you know you're a geek when

you can't reserve any more library books because you reached the 75 book
is my hold list which happens to be a fairly good cross section of my life.

my comments in orange...

50 high-impact, low-care garden plants /
by DiSabato-Aust, Tracy. (we'll see)
Timber Press,
Active48 of 6503/02/2010
All in a day /
by Rylant, Cynthia. (no memory of this)
Abrams Books for Young Readers,

Date Placed: 03/24/2009
Active8 of 1403/24/2010
The amazing adventures of dietgirl /
by Reid, Shauna. (?? sounded good, I guess)
A Avon,

Date Placed: 02/08/2009Library
Active6 of 1802/08/2010
Apologize, apologize! /
by Kelly, Elizabeth, 1952- (cover is beach on Marth's vineyard...enough for me)

Date Placed: 03/28/2009P
Active21 of 2703/28/2010
Baked : new frontiers in baking /
by Lewis, Matt. ( I like muffins)
Stewart, Tabori & Chang,

Date Placed: 01/25/2009P
Active14 of 2701/25/2010
Baking bread with children /
by Cohen, Warren Lee. (and bread)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pic
Active4 of 403/02/2010
Best Friends Forever
by Weiner, Jennifer (she's funny)
Pocket Books

Date Placed: 03/30/2009P
Active9 of 1403/30/2010
Billy Blanks Tae Bo (DVD) [videorecording] : ultimate Tae Bo
(want to try this again as it kicked my ass months ago)
Gaiam ,

Date Placed: 03/29/2009
Active2 of 303/29/2010
Bitter is the new black : confessions of a condescending, egomaniacal, self-centered smart-ass, or why you should never carry a Prada bag to the unemployment office : a memoir /
by Lancaster, Jen, 1967- (this woman is HILARIOUS)
New American Library,

Date Placed: 03/27/2009
Active32 of 3603/27/2010
Bootcamp. Total body blast (DVD)
(wanted to punish self)

Date Placed: 03/29/2009P
Active7 of 803/29/2010
Bright lights, big ass /
by Lancaster, Jen, 1967- (again with the HILARIOUS woman)
New American Library,

Date Placed: 03/27/2009
Active35 of 3903/27/2010
Bringing up geeks : how to protect your kid's childhood in a grow-up-too-fast world /
by Hicks, Marybeth. (looking out for the wee ones)
Berkley Books,

Date Placed: 03/06/2009
Active4 of 903/06/2010
Craft challenge : dozens of ways to repurpose a pillowcase /
by Tourtillott, Suzanne J. E. (I'm always up for a challenge)
Lark Books,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active5 of 1004/01/2010
The daily coyote : a story of love, survival, and trust in the wilds of Wyoming /
by Stockton, Shreve. (read about on Dooce, like coyotes well enough)
Simon & Schuster,

Date Placed: 01/29/2009
Active7 of 2401/29/2010
Dinothesaurus : prehistoric poems and paintings /
by Florian, Douglas. (like to read poems to kids)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009P
Active14 of 1404/02/2010
Fabulous fat quarter bags : a gorgeous gathering of bags for every day /
by Briscoe, Susan. (skeptical but open)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active3 of 504/01/2010
Family-style meals at the Hali'imaile General Store /
by Gannon, Beverly, 1949- (like food, too)
Ten Speed Press,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active2 of 204/01/2010
Fatally Flaky
by Davidson, Diane Mott (she describes all her espresso shots so deliciously)

Date Placed: 03/30/2009Pi
Active3 of 503/30/2010
Get fit daily dozen (DVD)
(just workin' on my fitness)
Lions Gate Entertainment,

Date Placed: 03/29/2009
Active19 of 2003/29/2010
Go dairy free : the guide and cookbook for milk alergies, lactose intolerance, and casein-free living /
by Fleming, Alisa Marie. (damn the (milk) man!)
Fleming Ink,

Date Placed: 02/17/2009
Active2 of 602/17/2010
Go Diego go! Rainforest fiesta! (DVD)

Nickelodeon, (que bueno)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active12 of 3603/02/2010
God speaks your love language : how to feel and reflect God's love /
by Chapman, Gary D., 1938- (duh, it's about GOD)
Northfield Pub.,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active3 of 304/02/2010
Going green : true tales from gleaners, scavengers, and dumpster divers /
(hello? can't wait for this one!!)
University of Oklahoma Press,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active3 of 304/02/2010
Good Book : the bizarre, hilarious, disturbing, marvelous, and inspiring things I learned when I read every single word of the Bible /
by Plotz, David. (interested)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active26 of 2704/02/2010
Good housekeeping : the great Christmas cookie swap cookbook : 60 large-batch recipes to bake and share /

Hearst Books, (I thought I cancelled this one but apparently not)

Date Placed: 09/02/2008
Suspended6 of 2209/02/2009
Handmade nation : the rise of DIY, art, craft, and design /
by Levine, Faythe, 1977- (RISE UP!)
Princeton Architectural Press,

Date Placed: 12/30/2008
Active7 of 3012/30/2009
Hodgson Mill whole grain baking : 400 healthy and delicious recipes for muffins, breads, cookies, and more.
(I told you I like muffins)
Fair Winds Press,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009ry
Active1 of 1203/02/2010
The Hollywood trainer (DVD) Ultimate cross training
(to work off those muffins)
Visual Entertainment,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active1 of 204/01/2010
Hungry Girl : 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories
by Lillien, Lisa (again with the working off)
St Martins Pr

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active17 of 3702/22/2010
I'm perfect, you're doomed : tales from a Jehovah's witness upbringing /
by Abrahams, Kyria. (title cracked me up)
Simon & Schuster,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active5 of 504/02/2010
The ice dream cookbook : dairy-free ice cream alternatives with gluten-free cookies, compotes & sauces /
by Albert-Matesz, Rachel, 1965- (looking forward to summer!)
Planetary Press,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active2 of 402/02/2010
It sucked and then I cried : how I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed margarita /
by Armstrong, Heather B. (duh, it's dooce)
Simon Spotlight Entertainment,

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active8 of 4602/22/2010
Junk beautiful : outdoor edition /
by Whitney, Sue. (eye candy)
Taunton Press, Inc.,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active6 of 4403/02/2010
Life sentences /
by Lippman, Laura, 1959-
William Morrow, (??some novel)

Date Placed: 03/14/2009
Active14 of 11003/14/2010
Linen, wool, cotton : 25 simple projects to sew with natural fabrics /
by Mano, Akiko. (because I'm so natural)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active5 of 1203/11/2010
Little Bee /
by Cleave, Chris.
Simon & Schuster, (? think it's a kids book...oh, wait...not a kids book but about a little girl...sounds really good. (and sad)

Date Placed: 03/28/2009
Active38 of 4503/28/2010
Living the sweet life in Paris /
by Lebovitz, David.
Broadway Books,(like to read about people living in paris)

Date Placed: 04/01/2009Pi
Active5 of 604/01/2010
Longing for God : seven paths of Christian devotion /
by Foster, Richard J.
IVP Books, (liked title...want to long for God)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active1 of 104/02/2010
The lost city of Z a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon /
by Grann, David. (really like nonfiction now)
Random House Large Print,

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active1 of 2802/22/2010
Made from scratch : discovering the pleasures of a handmade life /
by Woginrich, Jenna. (again with the natural)
Storey Pub.,

Date Placed: 02/08/2009
Active37 of 7002/08/2010
Magic books & paper toys : flip books, E-Z pop-ups & other paper playthings to amaze & delight /
by Smith, Esther K. ( you getting sick of this yet? I kind of am.)
Potter Craft,

Date Placed: 03/17/2009
Active4 of 403/17/2010
Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of crafts : an A-Z guide with 200 projects, basic techniques, and endless inspiration /
(duh, it's Martha)
Potter Craft,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active4 of 5602/02/2010
Mommywood : Tori Spelling with Hilary Liftin.
by Spelling, Tori, 1973- (must admit to liking Tori)
Simon Spotlight Entertainment,

Date Placed: 03/30/2009
Active12 of 1503/30/2010
The necklace thirteen women and the experiment that transformed their lives /
(not what you think, get mind out of gutter)
Thorndike Press,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009Pi
Active1 of 104/02/2010
New York, Empire City, 1920-1945 /
(I think pictures, love old pics of NYC)
Harry N. Abrams,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active1 of 103/02/2010

Not without my sister /
by Jones, Celeste. (never without my sister)

Date Placed: 11/03/2008Pi
In Transit3 of 1411/03/2009
Oilcloth inspirations : over 25 fun-to-make projects /
by Bester, Sophie. (oh goodness, what is wrong with me?!)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 01/06/2009
Active3 of 901/06/2010
One big happy family : 18 writers talk about polyamory, open adoption, mixed marriage, househusbandry, single motherhood, and other realities of truly modern love /
Riverhead Books,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pi
Active2 of 503/02/2010
Paper Crafts gourmet.
(??like to eat paper, too, I guess)
CK Media/Paper Crafts,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pic
Active1 of 503/02/2010
The parent adventure : preparing your children for a lifetime with God /
by Wilson, Rodney. (your GEEKY children)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active1 of 104/02/2010
Patchwork style : 35 simple projects for a cozy and colorful life /
by Koseki, Suzuko.(like my life needs more cozy)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active3 of 803/11/2010
A reliable wife : a novel /
by Goolrick, Robert, 1948- (about me)
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill,

Date Placed: 03/28/2009
Active57 of 22203/28/2010
Revolutionary road /
by Yates, Richard, 1926-1992
Little, Brown, (had to)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009y
Active68 of 17602/01/2010
Rich like them : my door-to-door search for the secrets of wealth in America's richest neighborhoods /
by D'Agostino, Ryan. (sounded interesting)
Little, Brown,

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active2 of 702/01/2010
The school of essential ingredients /
by Bauermeister, Erica.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, (novel and FOOD)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active7 of 5102/01/2010
Sew fabulous fabric /
by Butcher, Alice.(wondering how many clever titles with word SEW are still available?)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active3 of 1402/02/2010
Sew, so cute! /
(cross this one off the list)
Leisure Arts,

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active1 of 403/11/2010
Sewing green : 25 projects made with repurposed & organic materials /
by White, Betz. (a concept close to my heart...the repurposed part)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active5 of 1603/11/2010
The shack : a novel /
by Young, William P. (not to be confused with the LOVE shack)
Windblown Media,

Date Placed: 01/15/2009
Active110 of 52101/15/2010
Six-word memoirs on love & heartbreak /

Harper Perennial. (sounds fun, no? I can't wait.) (6 words right there!)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Picy
Active7 of 1703/02/2010
Spiced /
by Jurgensen, Dalia.
Putnam, (I think this is the pastry chef memoir. I could write a pastry eater memoir.)

Active1 of 204/01/2010
Stability ball you can do! abs (DVD)
(As long as it's not those 2 old ladies it might be okay) (their names are PJ & Moira...don't go there)

Date Placed: 02/18/2009
Active5 of 1002/18/2010
The story of Edgar Sawtelle a novel /
by Wroblewski, David.
HarperLuxe, (will try this again, first time couldn't get into it)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009P
Active87 of 15202/01/2010
Ten little babies /
by Fujikawa, Gyo. (a fave illustrator)
Sterling Pub. Co.,

Date Placed: 02/16/2009
Active5 of 702/16/2010
Tennessee pusher
by Old Crow Medicine Show (Musical group)
Nettwerk, (rock me mama like a wagon wheel...)

Date Placed: 02/16/2009
Active33 of 3802/16/2010
The UltraMind solution : fix your broken brain by healing your body first : the simple way to defeat depression, overcome anxiety, and sharpen your mind /
by Hyman, Mark, 1959- (watch out world!)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active15 of 7102/01/2010
Volume one
by She & Him. (waiting patiently)
Merge Records,

Date Placed: 01/18/2009
Active43 of 8101/18/2010

Walk slim. Fast & firm!: 4 really big miles (DVD)
(shut up! I like her!)
Distributed by Starz Home Entertainment,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
In Transit2 of 204/01/2010
Weekend sewing : more than 40 projects and ideas for inspired stitching /
by Ross, Heather. (no sewing pun is a good thing)

Date Placed: 02/08/2009
Active1 of 4002/08/2010
Weight watchers in 20 minutes : 250 fresh, fast recipes.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (seeking muffin balance)

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active4 of 3202/02/2010
When mothers kill : interviews from prison /
by Oberman, Michelle.
New York University (Don't look at me like that! I'm only curious!)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009P
Active3 of 703/02/2010
A year of mornings : 3191 miles apart /
by Vettese, Maria Alexandra.
Princeton Architectural (did you follow this blog last year? lovely.)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active5 of 1303/02/2010
You are what you remember : a pathbreaking guide to understanding and interpreting your childhood memories /
by Estrade, Patrick. (Sorry, Mom & Dad, but I have to go there)
Da Capo/Lifelong,

(If you click on any of the links it will take you to the books' page in our local library system. Do you have a hold list to share?)


  1. Of course I have a hold list to share... it has a whopping 1 thing on it:) But after today I am thinking that it will have more. Thank you.

  2. who was watching my kids when you entered this whole filppin list, hmmmmmmm?

  3. i meant to say "flippin"

  4. Mom,

    It's called cut & paste. Have you heard of it? ;)

    They were in filppin bed. duh.


  5. Oh my!! you are a geek LOL

  6. I had to click your comments just to see what your mother said about this post. hahahaha ;)

    You two...... so funny!

  7. You also know you're a geek when you make a mental note to revisit this post asap to place many of these books on your own library hold list:) Thanks for sharing!

  8. My Mom always told me that I would like Jennifer Weiner! For some reason your new post did not update in my blogroll--I was beginning to wonder if all was good over there! E-mail me your address, please. James was so excited when he ripped the package open that we lost the return label! LOL

  9. Dude! Cancel the hold on She & Him. I'll burn you a copy.

  10. Geez woman - do you realize you reserved all of these books within the last two months?? (some of them look really good though!)


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