bookies & cookies

oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookies...1.5 pts each,

I reinstated afternoon reading time a couple of weeks ago and we all think the cookies are a nice addition. Previous to the reinstatement I had asked James if he wanted to read a book one day and he replied, "Why?" nice. (in my defense...Patrick reads to him at bedtime)

An added proud moment from about 5 minutes ago:

J: Mom, I'll pray for you if you let me play video games.

(we talked yesterday about how nice it is to pray for others. not quite what I meant.)


  1. I love setting aside time for reading! How do you do it? I may steal the idea...

  2. Seems like around 2pm works for us...right before nap/quiet time. We just take a stack of books (3 or 4) up to my bed and settle in for a while. :)

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