currently on my mind: 5:31pm, Wed, May 6

  1. I hate when books have prologues. When I sit down to read I want to get started, not have to read something else first. (I do usually skip them and read them later if I am feeling lost but they tick me off either way.)
  2. I should start dinner.
  3. Pass the snacks and no one gets hurt.
  4. I am so caught up with laundry that I am getting anal about it. I am (impatiently) waiting for the current load hanging up downstairs to dry so I can put it away.
Don't I sound like a lot of fun this afternoon? xoxo


  1. I confess that I hate doing the laundry. I always have baskets lying around, filled with different stages: still warm from the dryer, cold and wrinkled, hubby's t's that might as well go back down to get re-washed because I am sure not ironing the wrinkles . . . LOL


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