he's funny


S: There is a big bag of bird food in your backseat.
P: I noticed. What's that for?
S: duh?
P: I'm going to put poison in that feeder and there will be a big heap of dead birds out there the next time you look.
S: You are awful. Ruby would be scarred for life.
P: At least she'd be able to catch one.

(ruby's latest thing is standing quietly in the backyard with an old butterfly net until a bird lands. then she tries to catch it.)


S: Did you return that dress to that woman for me?
(a flower girl dress I got off of craigslist for ruby & decided I didn't want to buy)
P: Oh. I thought that was supposed to go to Goodwill.

HAHAHAHAHA. My husband is quite the funnyman today. He wasn't so funny last night when Ruby kept kicking him while he was trying to sleep. (both kids found their way to our bed by mid-night.) I thought it was funny, though, and when his tirade was over I slowly eased my foot over to his side and gave him a little kick. hehhehehehhehe.

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