how exciting! a giveaway!

I've been exercising at home fairly regularly for 9 months now (holy cats!) and have found lots of DVDs that I really enjoy. I tended to focus mostly on toning & strengthening workouts for a long time and realized a while ago that I had better add some cardio if I wanted to speed up the weight loss just a little bit. (not that a pound a month is bad at all...just kind of pokey...also why I added weight watchers, which I also really like.)

I am SO NOT an aerobics girl. I get ticked off when I am trying to figure out the moves and end up just flailing around and feeling like I didn't even get a work out. That's why I love Leslie. The moves are EASY TO FOLLOW and get my heart rate up at the same time. I knew that I had to add her to my slowly growing collection of DVDs and decided to order an extra copy to give away here! I want to share the Leslie Love!

The DVD is her new one, The 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk. I've done all 5 miles, not all at once (I usually only walk time did 4), and they are all enjoyable. I like this particular DVD because she adds a 2 minute "boosted walk" (aka JOG) at the end of each mile and it feels really good.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment and say something, anything, about exercise in your life. How it inspires you, how much you hate it, how you want this for your chubby sister & not yourself...whatever! I'll leave the comments open until Friday afternoon and then randomly pick a winner. I'll ship it anywhere in the world! Friends, family,'re all welcome to sign up!



  1. I've been hearing good reviews on Leslie's walks from some ladies at church!

    I love to get into a routine of exercise butttt, it's hard to get motivated to do it and stick with it. I have an elliptical which is great and I have the Wii Fit which is great too. But I need someone to give me a swift kick to get me going. lol

    Throw my name in the hat for the give away, maybe Leslie can motivate me?

  2. Oooo la la! How generous of you!

    Man exercising is a blessing and a curse. I need it, I feel better when I do it, but finding the time (and energy!) is sooo hard. I lost so much weight last spring and I put it all back on. It's not coming off as easily this time :(

  3. I need to get my butt in gear or it will be the size of a whale... does that count???? :)

  4. what to say. I need to exercise.

    love ya!! jolee

  5. Well, I have a treadmill and I use it faithfully, but I am on a local trail now 3x a week, and I am doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred three other days. That's about it! I have runner's knee in both knees, which stinks- so I am doing more walking than running.

  6. i loved working out in your living room with you!!!! i want it for my chubby belly! miss you xoxox

  7. Currently there is no exercise in my life. I do not have a chubby sister. I am not allowed to leave my house to take an exercise class. LOL. NOT really FUNNY. I think it's awesome and hilarious that you are giving away an exercise DVD. :)

  8. I lack exercise, but I need exercise, and I want exercise, :)


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