I'd like you to meet Leslie.

Come on back later for a give away!

(and no more geeky pictures, I promise)
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  1. Ok, this picture is so funny. I literally pissed off my roommate by laughing too loudly when she was trying to study for finals... which is really what I should be doing too...
    I love how both you and my mother talk about Leslie like she's your best friend who lives next door, too cute!
    Keep up the good work!!

    xoxo Cousin Rachel

  2. ooo ooo pick me pick me!!!! I need a kick in the pants to get going. The jeans I bought right after Ben was born are still nicely folded in my closet, waiting for me to wear them again. And let's see how long it's been .... he's 20 months today so it's been awhile!!

    my word verification today is salsa ... is that some sort of sign?

  3. Thanks, Rachel. :) She IS our best friend!! xxoxox

    And Susan...that word verification cracked me up! :)


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