my first lettuce

If you want to feel like a successful gardener, grow some lettuce. For real.

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  1. you're doing better then I am, I dumped over all our seedlings by mistake, and the cats ate what was left! Jerks. Anyway, my bean plants are doing great, but I need to transplant them into the ground asap because they are climbing like crazy!~

  2. Nice job, gardening queen :)
    Save some lettuce for me, I'll be there tomorrow! (hopefully....still not 100% sure, but I will be before the day is done).
    Kiss everybody for me, ok? Hey Annie and Ronan might be home by now....I can't wait to hear if they still plan to move.

  3. Mmmmm - that looks delicious!! Way too go :) My herbs are going nuts right now. Yay for home gardens.

  4. For real!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on using elbow grease to feed your clan. xo


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