a few words on miss ruby

My little Ruby is nearly 3. And she is changing a bit. She will sometimes request a pony tail. She is starting to use the potty and did her first you-know- what in there yesterday. I have to stop here and describe the process so I don't forget. (Sorry folks.)

R: I have to poop!
S: Okay, let's go in the bathroom.
R: NO! YOU stay here.
S: Okay, call me if you need me.
R: (approx. 15 seconds later, panic voice) MOM! I have poop!!
S: (goes in, sees turtle head poking out) Sit down honey and push.
R: (she sits down and just stares into my eyes. concentrating so hard. she did this same thing when she peed for the first time. I love it, aside from the odor. I silently wish that she would always stare into my eyes when doing something important for the first time but then cast that thought away as I imagine the firsts...riding a bike, not a good idea (crash!), reading, I guess she should be looking at the words, wedding night...OH GOODNESS NO.)

And anyways, she did it and was thrilled. And I was thrilled but mostly about the staring into her eyes part.

She is also branching out from her rule about wearing only "boy" shirts. When my cousin Sarah came to visit she commented on how I was being so "green" by giving Ruby all of James' hand me downs to wear. HA! I guess I never addressed it here but a long time ago my girl decided that she only wanted to wear boy shirts. I didn't fight her on this (well, I might have at first but it was so long ago I couldn't possibly remember) even while all of her unworn, adorable "girl" shirts languished in the closet. (the only time I forced her to wear a dress was once a week...to church...and I felt just fine about that.) I even started buying her new boy shirts at the thrift store when I saw them in her size, just because I was getting so sick of the same robot & CARS shirts. This has started to change recently. Today she is wearing a light blue shirt and said, "I LOVE this blue shirt, Mom!" She has also expressed an interest in wearing some of her girly summer clothes and, most importantly, a flower girl dress in The Annie's* wedding. Also, on Easter I put her green sweater on her (with no fighting) and she said, "I love dresses, Mom!" She might have a lot to learn but we are making progress. I do have to admit that I hope she will continue with a nice boy/girl mix as she does look super cute in her brother's old shirts.

I know there was something else but I forget. I thought this exchange was sweet yesterday:

R: Mom, I wanna shirt before breakfast!
S: Well, go up and get one.
S: sigh.
J: Well, Ruby, I think you look cute with no shirt on. I like your body...your belly is so pink.
R: Sanks, James. (gets up to eat her breakfast as is)


*She calls my sister, Andrea (or Annie), and her fiance "The Annie's." Haha. They are the girl Annie and the boy Annie. hehehehehhe. They are 2 peas in a pod.
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  1. Yeah Ruby!!! :) That's awesome!!!

  2. I'm sure they argue like any other sibs, but I sure love the things James says to Ruby...and I love her curls too!

  3. That is too cute! And moms around the blogosphere surely get how important it is to chronical that first poop!

  4. so cute. go ruby on the potty! yay!! i love boy shirts too.


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