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clothespin bag, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

One day a while back my friend Wendy told me how her Grandma used to carry her clothespins in a bag across her shoulder. I thought this was brilliant and have made a few of these simple bags now. It is so nice to just reach down to get or drop a pin while I'm doing the laundry. I like the bags that hang on the line, too, but I left mine outside last year and my wooden pins got moldy. Also, on these single pole lines they don't slide around all easy like they're supposed to.

Just a little laundry love for this Tuesday afternoon.



  1. 1. Your lettuce looks divine! such a great shade of spring green.

    2. I really need to get my rear in gear and get a swing set for the kiddos. They are missing a lot of swinging time!

    3. Lunch date with the kindergartners? I didn't have that on my calendar! A cafeteria full of sweet and rowdy little ones would be right up my alley!

    4. The colors on your clothesline bag are dotty-licious!

  2. I need one of those fantastic clothespin bags!!! I didn't even think about the pins getting moldy. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Ohhh, that's a good idea. I love my clothespin apron but, I need to go back and redo it. The waistband needs to be much wider so it won't slide down so much. Love the laundry pic.

  4. what is a clothespin apron, Mindy? Just like it sounds? Another good idea! :)

  5. congrats! you won the bag, check my blog. xo

    ps hung dry clothes rock!!!!!!!

    pps I swear I can smell the freshness of your lettuce and feel the vibrations felt from your joy in growing it. xo


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