a tour of our yard for my mom and anyone else who wants to see

I painted all of my large pots this blue color and like how they turned out. Also? I got the new cocoa bean mulch down today:A trellis for my future morning glories:
Stuff planted in the hanging basket:
Love that the rhododendrons are blooming this year:
some flowering ground cover:
the front yard is lookin' pretty good:
the back? notsomuch:
new (painted) bird feeder. love the birds but they are piggies:
worried the hollyhocks might take over:
got this table from rachel & chris. like it much better for our container "garden":
rachel's laundry on the line...pretty:
used most of one rain barrel! love:
wendy gave me 2 chairs so far. there are 4 more, and a table!! rachel asked me where I was going to put them. I just laughed hysterically and said, "On the patio, of course!":
painting the last one of these to (hopefully) sell on craigslist:
that's all for today. must go exercise. xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. I love the blue... I may ask you about what the color is called later (when I am in the new house) I have always wanted those wonderful blue pots but they cost to much to bear.

  2. Beautiful job honey, isn't it fun to see things starting to grow already? yup.....be careful of those hollyhocks, they're so beautiful but they grow like crazy. Well, now all I want is to live next door to you guys......sigh. Talk to you later....kiss J @ R for me.
    mama mowanza

  3. You have been so busy - a good busy though. About those hollyhocks....I would come to your house and thin them for you - I love holly hocks and haven't had much luck with growing them.

  4. looking good!! Wow, your hollyhocks are going to be gigantic this year!!

  5. Kari & Heidi - I am going to thin those Hocks and will save some for each of you.


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