the weekend

first beach glass, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

My mother was here last weekend and we had such a nice time. A few quick highlights:

1. walking & playing at picnic point. gramma taught james about beach glass. ruby stripped naked and splashed.

2. just hanging out at home on Sunday, doing yard stuff & eating pancakes. (I have fallen in love with my yard this year, even without a patio or deck, and it was fun to see that my mom feels the same way.)

3. good church service on Sunday night. funny. powerful.

4. movie date with my husband. dinner date with my husband.

5. exercising with my mom. she did 3 whole miles with Leslie her FIRST time. Go Mom!!

6. receiving plants from friends and being able to pass some on

7. first fire in the backyard. kind of crazy but still fun. (right, mom?)

There are a few more pictures over on flickr. I have to go drink another cup of coffee with my girl. James' last day of school is tomorrow so this is the end of Ruby/Mama time for a while. I am really looking forward to getting into a new summertime routine with all of us, though. It will be good. xoxo

p.s. Mom...Ruby is still missing you. :( sniff.


  1. Nice list - 'cept for the missing mom part...


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