the beginning of my 39th year

I have been sitting here for nearly 45 minutes this morning (my bad) so I'm pretty much out of (tv show ending) time. Here are some pictures from the park yesterday afternoon, to fulfill my mother's requirements.

Yesterday was an excellent day. We had a laid back morning at home making cupcakes, a couple beautiful hours at the park with our buddies, and then a delicious dinner. I hadn't really thought of getting a babysitter (too spendy right now) so when Heidi offered earlier in the week it was a very nice surprise. I fell asleep last night utterly exhausted and very happy. Thank you everyone for the birthday comments, emails, cards & phone calls! Now I must go take over my parental duties from the television.



  1. Tell James Eloise and I have the same shirt :)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful day! 39? C'mon! NO way, maybe 30, at best! The last pic of the little shoe is very sweet.


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