debbils lake*

My Sunday mornings now start out with these little people. I am a teacher's helper for one of the 3 year old rooms this summer and on Sunday we had EIGHTEEN kids in our room. Holy cats. One of them was my own this time...can you see her?

Patrick and the kids drove with me and went to the early service so we could leave for Devil's Lake earlier. This means I missed church, as I was helping during the service, so all day long, whenever I did something wrong (like forget the mustard), Patrick would comment on how, "that's what the sermon was about...wives who forget things all the time." hahahaha, he is so funny. I let him get away with it because it was Father's Day. He always whips the kids around like this after church. Not sure why but it always happens.At Devil's Lake, waiting for the hot dogs and playing with (the now departed) pet snail:
"That is one huge hot dog, Dad!", he said. Kids are so funny sometimes.
Love a man secure enough to drink a juice box.
On the tumbled rocks trail:
this climbing did not make my heart stop:
this climbing did:
Dad to the rescue:

This is the second Sunday in a row we went to Devil's Lake after church. I think we have a new Sunday tradition. (except for this Sunday 'cause I'll be in BOSTON, BABY!!!)


*as ruby would say


  1. I love your running commentary on your photos! The lunch shots of James and Patrick are too funny. Didn't juice boxes used to be bigger?

  2. I think Patrick just has huge hands. ;)

  3. Your kids are soooooo adorable!!!

  4. You have the cutest family in the WHOLE WORLD. I love stopping by and seeing what you're up to.


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