errands are fun!

(ruby stayed in here the entire time, playing with my hair. love that.)

(james drove his corvette ALL over woodman's)

Well, today they are. We were out for about 4 hours today and got alllll sorts of stuff done, including an hour at dig & save. (side note here: I've spent the last 2 weeks looking for an off white skirt to go with a particular tank that I have. I even bought fabric to make a skirt but decided to just wear the shorts I have when the pattern looked too tricky to be fast. Guess what I found at the dig today? Yup, an off white linen skirt from Old Navy, in perfect shape. woo hoo!)

The kids were so good at the grocery store and I was happy to get everything they might need for the next 4 days. Of course, this all hinges on Patrick being able to find these things in the cupboards and refrigerator. He suffers from male refrigerator blindness so this will be harder for him than it sounds. I am hopeful.

I am finally REALLY excited to go tomorrow. I've talked with my kids a lot about me leaving, when I'll be back, and so on and I think they will be just fine...this lightens my mood tremendously. I know they'll have fun at Zoe's on Friday & Monday and they always have fun with their Dad. (please pray for Zoe and may God bless her.) :)

I have stocked up on new magazines, blow pops and cash. I have selected my airplane attire and my carry on. I finished my new little purse (basically a clothespin bag with a flap) and charged my camera. I am set.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week...probably on Tuesday. xoxoxo


  1. Have a fantastic trip!!! Don't worry too much about what's happening at home, Patrick will be great. Isn't it nice to leave on such a happy note with your kids? Love that!!! :)
    Safe travels to you.

  2. Egads the new header is gorgeous.

    Have a lovely child free time!

    And color me impressed that you can still wear Ruby. :-)

  3. Hope u have an awesome time! I talked to Annie recently and it was soooo fun! I LOVE your comment about male refrigerator blindness!!!!! LOL!
    xoxoxo (to Annie too!)

  4. They had fun on Friday and I am sure they will have fun on Mon too. Hope you are having a great time!

  5. Please do share...what is Dig and Save? It sounds like a place I would like, but I have no idea where you're talking about!


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