found: new park

I realize this may not be earth shattering news for most of you, but to find a beautiful new park just 10 minutes away is very exciting around here.

It has toads AND a giant stump. good stuff!!


I miss rambling on about my (super exciting) life. Maybe I'll get a chance later. Have a good Tuesday. xoxo
(p.s. last night I dreamt about a perennial with a bloom that looked like a baseball. do I need to get out more??)
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  1. I remember the days of new found parks, often life savers in the day of the SAHM! BTW, what's that on Ruby's right leg? A leg warmer?

  2. I LOVE that park - or at least the picture - because I've never been there. hehehe Where is it?
    And who is that adorable little girl standing next to James on the stump?!

  3. It's New Glarus State Park. who knew?! The little darling is Megan, my friend Wendy's daughter. Her & James were in school together.


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