Tomorrow is a new day, right? Thank God. I have been a little off today and just am not sure why. I feel behind, I think. I feel frustrated and rushed and even more frustrated because it's summer and I'm not supposed to feel rushed! I have one more "thing to do" tomorrow morning and then can relax. I'm not making any plans for the weekend and maybe even next week...I need to get my house under control. I usually keep on top of things around here, not that my house is spotless, but on top of the day to day picking up. With all the other stuff I've done this week it just hasn't happened. I am so sick of toys. I am so sick of stuff piled everywhere. I know I am whining but I feel like crying and I'm hoping this venting will help me calm down so I can put the kids to bed and be kind to them. I don't think I ever want to go anywhere before noon this summer. I like mornings here too much and feel so much better when I have my morning routine to start things out. Now I just need to get up a *little* earlier to make it even better.

We just got back from a walk to the library, with James on his bike. HA! I had about 50lbs of books to walk home with and one boy who kept tipping over. Oh! And Ruby pooped again at the library and I had no wipes and no diaper and they were huffing around wanting to close up. Patrick had plans tonight so I am on my own for bedtime...which is coming right about NOW.

I do feel better. I hate to whine, but you know? Sometimes it just all feels too much!!! xoxo to all you moms out there and here's to a fresh start tomorrow. (thank you, Lord, for that amazing gift.)

p.s. Ruby just came and asked me for more grapes. I just realized why we are having all the poops today! (she pooped at Wendy's earlier, too.) (and Wendy, the best part of our day today was going for that walk with you guys so please don't think I'm complaining about that! and talking to my sister, that was pretty good, too, but she made me promise not to tell anyone. (I'll work on her, because it was such a gooooood story!) ) ;)


  1. No worries girl. I'm still embarrassed about that awkward graham cracker moment. LOL. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!!

  2. Hugs to you dear friend. Tomorrow IS a new day. :)

  3. I was a total grump last night too! It feels like nothing ever gets done, and lots of things never even get started! The weight of the world, right? :)

  4. Days like that are really trying--I totally know where you are coming from. And, yes, I agree, what a great gift a new day is!

  5. Awww Steph, I hope you are feeling better!! Tuesday was my day...I pretty much had a breakdown, but Wed was a great day!!

    I'll give you a call this weekend!! I'll be praying for you dear friend!!!

  6. It's okay to unload every now and then you know--hope you feel better! Some days are just like that.

    Summer mornings are supposed to be lazy--isn't that written somewhere?


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