Perhaps you thought I was so embarrassed about my last photo collage that I was avoiding you all. Oh goodness no. The boring truth is that I was busy feeling sorry for myself first for my poor irritated eyeballs (due to my neglect and over use of contact lenses) and second for my poor sick stomach after I got my new glasses. Turns out I just needed them adjusted a little and all is well again.

I had our sitter come on Friday afternoon so I could do some very important errands. Like taking pictures of myself at JoAnn Fabrics. hee! I was still kind of nauseous at the time of the above photo. My normal pleasant expression didn't return until after the adjustment. (perhaps more than my glasses need adjusting, hmmmm?)


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  1. Oof - I do know that "glasses out of whack" sick feeling...I hope you figure it out...

  2. DRAT! I must have screwed up my comment on your photo collage post! Anyhow, I said you looked great, but I didn't really see the bang. Glad you are feeling a bit better! And ye, I am cracking up about your important errand at JoAnn. LOL


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