pool rats

hey james, your knees are having a party. why don't they invite your trunks down?

ruby, rescuing megan: (um, let's not play drowning, girls.)
ruby, hogging the dolphins:
and, allison, cute as can be:
These pictures were from last Saturday evening at our local pool. They have a big pool as well as this small one, which is perfect for the kids to splash around in and makes it easy to keep tabs. I think James will be chomping at the bit to get in the big one more often as the summer goes on.

We were also there yesterday afternoon and it was a totally different scene. Wild and packed with moms & kids (both pools) and crazy but still cool & refreshing on the 90+ day. We're going with Patrick tonight (Wendy...you guys interested?) and again tomorrow afternoon. I am so glad we bought a family pass. James gets lessons all summer (well, we started him in July) and we all get in for as much open swim as we want for $110. Small towns are nice.

It's going to be 95 or so today and there is a heat advisory for the afternoon. I bet folks in Florida laugh at that, just like we laugh when everyone freaks out over a dusting of snow in Georgia. :) No denying it's hot, though. Right now we're going to go out back for a while before lunch.

I'm happy. This is a good week. A week of no running around...just hanging out at home in the morning (James decided to pass on summer school which was fine with me) and doing fun things in the afternoon. These 2 kids of mine definitely get after each other but sentencing them to playing in the (cooler) lower level seems to break most of it up. When they're stuck together they need to make it work. (will Tim be on the new Project Runway?? he better be.) I am slowly compiling a pile of stuff to bring to my sister's and have a couple small sewing projects to finish up before Friday. New bags seem almost necessary for a trip, don't you think? xoxo

p.s. Okay, I have to add this while I'm here. I'm very happy but also a little sad. As much as I love time on my own and can't wait to see my sister, I am a little sniffly at leaving my family. I know I'll have fun, though, and it makes it even better because I know how good it will be to come home. Also. I have good friends, near and far, and I love them. And one of them is sick, so could you please pray for her? She's on my mind all the time lately and she could use any extra prayers you have time for. thank you. xoxox


  1. I'd love to hit the mini pool with you sometime Stephanie! Looks like something I might be able to manage, and fun!

  2. james has a little farmer tan......tee hee.
    the gramma


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