sneak peek

Here's a little project I worked on yesterday. I love the fabric and am happy with how it turned out but my goodness, it must be hard to make a whole quilt! Lining up all those squares (and only 9 of them here) was tough!

I like my new sewing machine. I have yet to fall in love with it. I think I am holding back a little...still skeptical. I'm afraid to fall in love and then have it break and feel like I wasted money. I think with a little more time together I will be open to a more trusting and intimate (not in that way) relationship.

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I just went off the deep end there on purpose.

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  1. Wonderful fabric honey.
    xo, mama

  2. Will there be some sweet sewing machine love - much like the rain barrel love? HAHAHAHAHA :) jk


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