time I'll never get back

I spent way too long trying to get a cute picture of my new hair cut this morning. Here are the stellar results. I colored it yesterday, too, and am over all pretty happy with the whole package. My hair NEVER looks that different no matter what I seem to do. This time I got "bangs," one strand of them, so we are calling them "bang." I am so wild.
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  1. Are those webcam shots, Wild Thang? Zoom in, zoom out, laugh a little .....
    I think the cut and color both look nice :)

  2. hi pumpkin,
    I saw you called, i'm so sorry i missed you. this has been an awful week @ work :( i've worked late every night. poor mama
    anyway.....i love your hair. the color is great and the cut is good on you. it's a little different.....that side bang is kinda alluring....patrick likes it i bet....... i have to run. please call again....tonight, after 6 if you can. i love you all. xoxo mommy

  3. Nice hair cut sweetie! Dunno if u got my email asking how to find your blog, but I found it myself. I am so smrt! I mean smart... LOL (Homer Simpson if u didn't get the joke) Happy B-day!! (late) I can't believe I'm gonna be 40! Time to start lying about my age!! Hmmm, guess I'll be.... 32. LOL!! Hope ur all well! love ya!! xoxo Frankie

  4. OK, so I forgot to change my blog name.... started it again.... we'll see if I do it this time! ROTFLOL!!!!


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