welcome to my life with James

(that would be my bedroom door on the left)


  1. Should I laugh or be scared for your safety? I trust that you have your cell phone on your body at all times. Either that or you have a fire escape ladder somewhere in your bedroom. :)

  2. This totally made me think of a story my Aunt tells. She has three boys, two of which are really close in age. She was on the potty and they did this with dental floss, she was trapped until she threatened bodily harm to them. I'm just saying you might want to have an escape plan. tee hee

  3. Okay, you two. I hadn't even thought of him doing this to me when I was in there!!! crap. I wonder how long it will be before he tries it that way. :)

    And, thank you Mindy for the birthday wishes!! :)


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