what I saw this morning

I'm sorry, Miss Hollyhocks, I will plant you in a better place next year. Thank you for blooming even though your neck must be hurting something awful.

I love these Sweet William my dad gave me. Look how they bloom in so many different colors! Gorgeous.Our sweet pea crop. We've already eaten a few of them. How fun.
I pulled one of these last week and yup, tiny carrots! (I planted a mini version) We'll eat these on Thursday, I think.
Love basil. Will never again not have basil growing in the summer.
My neighbor's clematis. Yes, if I lived next door to you I would probably creep into your yard early in the morning to admire your plants, too.
The lilies are blooming this morning! Just as the peonies are done. Excellent timing.
This little spot is WAY TOO MUCH. I photographed it from many angles to save for next spring when I start digging stuff outta here. There are 2 healthy hostas crammed behind that big purple thing on the end. poor buddies.
And my Lupine experiment. I carefully read the seed package and am keeping them in the shade all summer. Will transplant in the fall and see what happens. They are so picky but lovely and I want them. :)

Alright. That's it for my green stuff this morning. I figure I have one more month of garden interest ahead of me. I am sure that when I get back from my sister's wedding in mid-August it will take all I have just to water. I'm like that. xoxo


  1. Beautiful Steph! I have not been to attentive to my babies this year... eek! one of my clematis died :( and none of the hollyhocks came up! :( Waaah!


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