what's up, doc?

Let me be honest here. My day went totally downhill after this happy little harvest scene. HOWEVER, due to extreme inner strength (aka cookies & iced coffee) and some afternoon game playing with my son, who is adorable and hilarious and a CHEATER, and not a very good one at that, things have evened out and are even looking up for the evening hours. I thought many rotten thoughts about my children today, mainly Ruby, but it turns out all she needed was a 4 hour nap. huh.

I hope your day was better than mine and here's to a happy Wednesday night! (clink!)



  1. I can't believe you just called me a dink. Thanks. (Haha, I said dink... but you said it first!)

  2. Are those carrots from your own backyard? Mine NEVER came up! Bum seed packet, I guess. I hope today is better. Maybe another 4 hr nap is on the schedule today!

  3. I love it!
    Before I even noticed your caption I was thinking 'what's up doc'!

  4. Yup...carrots from our own container garden. :) I am hopeful for today...she got lots of sleep so we should be back to normal. (aka only some screeching)

    and dad...great minds and all that. :)

  5. good job, bob.
    excellent teeny carrots........you are inspiring me again!

  6. I had a wretched day yesterday too! It thought oodles of nasty thoughts about Piper, boy is she pressing my limits lately! I think the heat might be making her and I very short tempered. I had to take a mommy time out and go run some errands when Ty came home. Turtle sundae helped my mood considerably!

  7. mmmmmm, turtle sundae!!!

    thanks mom. :)


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