James definitely seems better this morning. He took 2 naps yesterday, long ones, and was asleep when Ruby & I got home from Target at 8:15. His fever is gone and right now he is running around downstairs playing with Ruby. Yesterday was kind of sweet, though. We did lots of laying around and talking. He likes telling Patrick and I how much he loves us lately and will say it quite frequently. Yesterday he told me that he tells me so much so I don't forget. xoxo Like I could, sweet boy.

(Ruby is coming up here, sobbing. Back to normal!)

Okay, they are now settled in with some Little Bill so I can finish. Oh, and then I'm going to exercise. (yes, cheating today but have been v. good about ye olde sweat routine before communicating online. but have also been eating yummy Starbucks Carmel Machiatto ice cream. (thanks, Susan! :)

I myself feel pretty good today. Must take advantage of this. I am not used to feeling lousy. I really take my good health for granted. Note to self: Thank God daily for good health. (hourly?)

I am feeling like I have lots to do now before we leave next Thursday. Here's a list because I know the curiosity is overwhelming for you:

  • get Ruby's hair cut (this is scaring me silly. she turned down a new kitty toy last night as a potential reward. that is bad.)
  • get James' hair cut (no problem)
  • whiten teeth (got some white strips, never tried them before. nervous)
  • get self hair cut & brow wax
  • give self pedicure. (involves chipping off midnight blue polish that's been on for over a month)
  • pack for 4
  • pick up dress, hope it fits (got it taken in some but have been eating above-mentioned ice cream)
  • hold mail (easy)
  • find out if rental car place has car seats, probably just bringing ours (we are gonna have so much stuff)
  • find shirt & tie for Patrick to wear to wedding
  • remind Patrick to get hair cut so he isn't all sasquatch-like at wedding

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Will feel good once haircuts are over. Calling Stephanie today for appts.

Happy Friday, my dears. xoxo


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