boy are my dogs barking

I am far too tired, now at nearly 10pm, to tell you all about the day I have had so I will just give you the hourly highlights.

7:00am: Up & at 'em! So much energy! Want to clean out closets!
8:00am: Laundry out on line! A gorgeous summer day! Ahhhhhhhhh.
9:00am: Need coffee.
10:00am: Hi Neighbor! Let's chat! sure kids, you can do playdoh!
11:00am: Oops, better get in the shower. Who got all this playdoh on the carpet?!
12:00pm: Hurry! We're late for swimming! Eat these teddy grahams!
1:00pm: I'll have a hamburger happy meal, please
2:00pm: awwwww...James looks so cute in a tuxedo jacket
3:00pm: No peeing on the floor in Target, Ruby.
4:00pm: James, be quiet, your sister is sleeping
5:00pm: Hmmmmm. Now where did I put that pork tenderloin?
6:00pm: You can eat this or wait and see what's for breakfast! (she says through a fake smile)
7:00pm: Thank you for the custard filled donut, Patrick, but I am back on my points this week. (duh.)
8:00pm: I'll be happy to read to you after your rooms are picked up.
9:00pm: sweating to a Bollywood workout, hollering at kids to GO TO BED.
9:35pm: "MO-OM, I just tasted poop! And it tasted weird!" (so. not. kidding.)


Heidi sent me these pictures from our party on Saturday. I think they are hilarious because they are so RIGHT ON regarding Patrick and I in a social situation. In this first one, I am listening intently to someone off camera and Patrick is trying hard not to fall asleep:
Here I am amused, enjoying my conversation, and Patrick is scowling at someone who must have come to close to him:

And here is what we both looked like in our grad pictures:

Oh man, these seriously crack me up. You might have to know Patrick to get this. However, I will say this. No matter what it looks like, he did enjoy himself at this party and I actually caught him chatting with people after the initial (1-2 hour) warm up period. What I was thinking while I was sitting there was how good his strong back felt to me and what a nice time I was having. (thanks for the pictures, Heidi) :)

p.s. I am having multitudes of lovely women & children over tomorrow morning for a pj party and then taking 2 kids to their dentist appointments so I probably won't be around again until late. xoxo


  1. I love the pictures of you and Patrick. And your glasses are really, really cute!

    I have to ask, who tasted the poop?

  2. Did you ever see Baby Mama?
    Poop or chocolate?! hahaha :)
    love the commentary on your pics

  3. I didn't see BabyMama, Susan. was it good?

    Jules, it was Ruby. James has been there, done that. ;)


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