I'm not as sad as I was last night, today I just feel drained. I took a nap after Patrick got home, got up for an hour and then went back to sleep until nearly 8:00 this morning. I really wanted to eat a cake but I suppose the sleeping was a healthier form of self care. :)

My mom never checks facebook so she won't see all the comments you sweet people left over there, along with Heidi & Susan here, and my mom loves when you all leave me comments. So, Mom, know that so many people said the nicest stuff to me. And it helped. So, thank you.

Yesterday I did strength pilates and today I actually made myself go do some kickboxing so I could come and say thank you and update over here. :)

The above picture shows James' skin test results. The giant wheal, or hive, is the milk reaction and the smaller rounder one on the bottom is peanut, which they gave him because his blood score is so low. I told the Dr. how frustrating it was to see a negative blood test and then this. He said next year we will skip the blood test and just do a skin test, on his arm, as the arm test results have a better percentage of reliability. (then why did they do this on his back, right? It's because they itch so bad and it's harder for him to reach here to scratch them (which could screw up results) but had I have known this before, I would have chosen his arm anyways.)

As with everything allergy, which makes them so frustrating to deal with, this could mean lots of things. It could be a false positive, although they said false positive wheals are normally smaller. If you can see the tiny mark above the dairy wheal, that was the histamine they give to use in comparison. That wheal is about 3mm, a positive wheal for dairy or egg is normally anything above 3 mm. James' dairy wheal was around 20mm. They actually brought him into another room to show some other doctors because it was so big. nice. sigh. James has always been very skin sensitive so his skin tests might still be reflecting that. And he did confirm that sometimes it can take up to a year for a skin test to follow a RAST.

I could go on speculating and googling and whatever but really, I am accepting another year of no milk, eggs or peanuts for this boy. Another year of doing what we have down pretty well at this point and just praying that the teachers entrusted with his care at school will take this as seriously as I do.

*p.s. Dr. Gern said the latest allergy studies showing tolerance build up (by eating tiny amounts every day) are very promising (which all of us allergy parents know already, right?) but they are not doing anything with them at the UW yet. He doesn't even think it will happen in the next year but he DOES think it will happen, that they will start using that treatment for food allergies, probably within the next 3-5 years. That is good news. xoxo

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  1. Hi Steph, I'm sorry about the milk. That is sad and frustrating. I'll be praying for you!!


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