I'm not sure what just happened

So today we are...wait for it...

HOME. James woke up in the middle of the night with a raging fever. What the heck?? He felt better this morning but the fever came back when the Tylenol wore off and he fell asleep on my bed for a three hour nap. I had been on the phone with Wendy and hung up because my children were too quiet. Indeed. James was sleeping and Ruby was playing with his new Playmobil pirate ship that she hadn't been allowed to touch until that moment.

(that pirate ship was a brand new, sealed in the box, garage sale find for $3 that I was saving for Christmas. He found my hiding spot yesterday afternoon. sigh. But, it thrilled him so it's all good.)

Earlier, Ruby and I were downstairs and she wanted to jump on the couch. I told her no and she told me to go upstairs to my computer. nice.

Here is a picture of James at Barnes & Noble when he was just a little guy. Obviously my first child...you can tell by the protective blanket under him. HA. I probably hadn't yet started handing him toys directly out of the bins at the Dig. Was probably still boiling them first. HA.

Ah, well. Not much to say here. Enjoy your afternoon. I am off to distribute Tylenol and clean up puddles of urine. xoxo


  1. Poor James! I'm so sorry you've been down with sick kiddos lately, I know those can be long days. Don't worry about us, we'll catch up with you next week sometime! I'm in the home stretch now, I think I can make it . . . .

  2. That picture is priceless! That must be where the expression "put a sock in it" came from =)

    Hope the fever and puddles pass quickly.



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