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Andrea & I randomly stopped in Burlington Coat Factory when I was out visiting her. We found Ruby a flower girl dress for $18. Yes, $18. And it's beautiful and it fits her. Don't rule them out if you ever need one.

(and yes, I threatened her to get her to try it on this morning, but she loved it and decided she does want to be in the "parade" again.) (she decided it was a parade based on my description...not too far off, really, except Annie & Ronan aren't throwing candy.) (I don't think.)
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  1. beautiful... all of that long curly hair...maybe a princess with some sort of super powers.

  2. Gasp .... oh my Stephanie ... she looks adorable!!
    I think you may have come up with a great wedding idea - the bride and groom should be throwing candy.

  3. She does look adorable!!! That's awesome that the dress was only $18!!! SCORE!!! And when I got married my sister-in-law gave our flower girls jelly beans right before walking down the aisle!! :) Candy is always a good thing!

  4. Oh my . . . I'm in love. She is precious.

  5. omygosh, is the dress ever adorable! it fits her perfectly.......once she had it on did she like it at all?
    V. good job, bob

  6. That is where I got my girl's dresses for our wedding last summer. They have made wonderful play dresses ever since :)


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