5 bells

Yup, it's 5:00. James is bored, Ruby didn't nap so she is a tiny train wreck, and I am sick of them (sorry, but it's true). It was rainy all day which is really only fun until, um...right about now, I guess.

What I need to do to save us is put up my hair, turn on some Johnny Cash, have a big glass of something cold (fresca) and set them to work washing fingerling potatoes (my favorite! this is a good thing) while I pick up the living room. I also need to take a zyrtec because I have been sneezing horribly hard sneezes that nearly make me pee myself all day long. (why didn't I take one this morning when I woke up and said to myself, "I think this is going to be an itchy sneezy day"???)

Here's to 6:30 when Patrick gets home!

UPDATE 5:25: OR, I could take the kids for a walk, as it's now beautiful out, and we can order pizzas. I think we'll go with that one.

(a pizza place finally opened up in town and they are more than happy to make a cheese free one for our boy. how fun to get pizza delivered!)


  1. Hope the pizza, walk and Johnny helped. And I hope that Patrick got home early.

  2. I hear ya. I took mine for a walk in the drizzle after swimming lessons - the mosquitoes were horrible.

  3. mosquitos horrible here, too! ouch.

    See you two tomorrow!!


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