a little more show & tell

I promise I will stop soon. Like, by Thanksgiving. :) (The Craftacular is Thanksgiving weekend this year! Mom - you are usually here that wknd!) Anyways, here are a few new cards. I found a smaller size card in a sage green, like Vicki suggested, and I love them. These 2 are actually reworked Valentine's day cards that I sent out to my family last February. The inside of the first one says, "you sweet thing" and the second, "you little doll."
And here are those ones from last week with a little ink. Better but I still don't LOVE them.

(the inside of the first one says, "to you." and the second, "ASAP." :) I know, super creative. I have a couple more ideas in the style of the top two so they will probably be next.

Oh, and James has that cold today so we are home AGAIN. Oh good Lord, help me. Ruby is being much sweeter today than the last 3 days, though, so thank GOD for that. Here they are:

(note her 3 tshirts)



  1. I think they are freakin' adorable!

    Good for you that you are starting to think xmas crafts. I can't even think past dinner most nights..


  2. Wow, I feel so important! ;)

    They look great, I especially love the pattern at the bottom of the second one.

  3. :) thank you both.

    (good call, vicki!)

  4. I love the "ASAP." That's awesome. :) They are all super cute!

  5. I think your cards are fantastic and will rock at Craftacular. I like the banner one--but they are all really cute.

    Sorry James has a cold, but hurray for Ruby being more easygoing. :)


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