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It's official, I'm in love. Patrick insisted I buy a bike today and so I did. It's a Schwinn Landmark Cruiser, from WalMart, and I love it. Wendy spotted the seat for Ruby at a garage sale on Saturday morning and I got it for $10 thinking Patrick could put it on his bike until the day I got my own. That turned out to be today!

It is very comfortable and super stable...I can nearly stop without it feeling tippy. There is a great state trail that runs right by our house so now we willl be able to explore it a little more. Of course, on the way home James was all crying and wailing how he needed a nap. :)

Patrick also bought bells for James & I so I am pretty happy to be able to ring my bell at everyone we pass by. After I rang it at some little girls, Ruby told me they waved at her. I asked if she waved back and she said no, she has quit waving. She has also quit church & hugging today. What a peach she is. xoxo

p.s. Now I need a basket! For reals.

p.s.s. Oh yeah...almost forgot. Starting tomorrow I am going back to no blogging OR facebooking before I get my exercise in each day until August 5th, the day before we leave for the wedding. So don't freak out if you don't hear from me until late in the day...I'm just being lazy. I have been slacking BIG time since going to my seester's and I need to get back on track so I am super ripped for the wedding. hee! I just noticed that I wrote that post on August 5th of last year, so exercising has pretty much been a part of my life for an entire year. Awesome. I'm excited to get back to it as I've missed that happy little aching in my muscles the last couple of weeks. Alright, carry on. xoxo (again)

p.s.s. I have some awesome pictures to show you tomorrow of my dad's latest's amazing.


  1. Did Patrick insist that you buy a helmet too? hehehe ;)
    Congrats on the new bike. We've been doing a lot of family biking lately and I love it.

  2. No, but I think I should get one. I feel like a big hypocrite without one. Do you guys wear them?

  3. Yep - we all do. I'm a stickler about it. My rule is if you're riding on wheels, you must have a helmet on. Ally is so good about wearing hers and I think it's because she sees us do it.

  4. I'm getting one tomorrow, Susan. You are right. I make James wear his and want to be a good example for him & Ruby. Now I just have to work on Patrick...

  5. I so feel your pain re: your little ruby. I have a little "peach" of my own. Love the picture:)


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