our week so far, with pictures & commentary

a close up of my new ride. she's a beauty. I did get a helmet but got it home and the buckle was missing. argh. I wore it last night anyways but am returning it ASAP. I want to thank Susan & Mindy for the helmet talk because if my mother would have said it first I would have been all SHUT UP MOTHER, but from you guys it was sweet. :)rawr:
my boy, wheeling:
patrick took these:
one of my favorite scarves from last winter, now available on etsy. (more to follow)
ruby insisted she didn't want to get in the water:
the party, lots of little boys, so very cute:
always fun to see your children laying on the floor at the doctor's office:
james, trying not to scratch:
ruby being ruby:
typical dinner time:
james, hanging on patrick's every word:
and then having his own say (see his hand? he is explaining something) (they have an ongoing battle with their imaginary robots right now. it's all they talk about.)

this boy just kills me sometimes. look at his eyes. and when he climbs up on my lap, all heavy and warm and angular...sigh. love.
james demanded breakfast this morning (instead of using nice manners) so he had to get his own. He did pretty well. (they love having these snack trays...he had ice water, honey, sunbutter, apples, oranges, smoked turkey and a graham cracker on the side)
hard at work:
of course ruby had to have one, too:
p.s. I mowed the back yard this morning. 35 minutes of cardio. xoxo


  1. I'm so glad you didn't take the helmet push badly. ;0)

    Oh my those eyes would melt me for sure.

    I love the muffin tin idea for snacks or meals!

  2. I am so happy as well about the helmet issue. And I must say that I'm proud of you for getting one so quickly and wearing a defective one. Great role model!!
    It's been way too long since I've seen you and I love this post, I feel like we've caught up a bit.
    So looking forward to seeing you this weekend :)

  3. Thanks, Mim. I've seen the muffin idea many places over the years so I can't take credit. :)

    Susan, thank you. I can't wait to see you today!!


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