the RAST results are IN

Right before bed last night, James' allergy results arrived in my inbox. I got to fall asleep knowing that his numbers did show a little decrease again this year. Yay! Egg is his highest number and I'm guessing, based on the progression so far, that it might be up to 5 years before he outgrows it, maybe longer. The peanut decrease was enough to drop him down to a Level 1, where milk was last year. Hmmmmm? I'm not even going to speculate but that makes me very happy.

And I am NOT complaining that he may have outgrown dairy, but egg would be the ultimate boost to my meal time planning. (mmmmm...eggs) If I could pick any of them though, I'd of course pick peanut for him to outgrow as I've seen what it can do.

I said I wasn't going to get my hopes up as far as dairy before we see the allergist next week and I really haven't. Of course, it has been steadily on my mind ever since. This might sound crazy but in some ways James' food allergies have been a big blessing to our family.

When I was pregnant with him I vowed to practice attachment parenting, use cloth diapers, breastfeed until kindergarten (kidding), try elimination communication, and make all of his baby food when that time came. Once he came out of me I quickly realized that while I loved wearing him in the Baby Bjorn, I also LOVED to set him down. The cloth diapers gave him a horrible rash at 2 weeks old and we never looked back after switching to Pampers. Breastfeeding was a challenge, especially with all of the diet restrictions for me due to all of his sensitivities (a hint of things to come), but one that meant everything to me and that I stuck with until he was 18 months old. Trying elimination communication went out the door faster than those cloth diapers but when the time came, I did make most of his baby food. (remember our day, ladies?) As I look over this list it's clear to me that of all the things on my list, those that involved nourishing him were most important to me and the only ones I really followed through with.

Now don't get me wrong. We eat oreos here, people, and Culvers and McDonalds and lots of other not so healthy stuff. But, we also eat lots of good stuff, lots of stuff that I've learned to make safe for James over the years. I really believe that having to shop (especially initially) at Whole Foods and troll vegan blogs has opened the whole world of healthier eating up to us. I'm honestly a little scared to open the dairy door. I don't want to lose the good eating habits we already have in place by going crazy with cheese curds and milkshakes. (well, maybe just for a while...) So, that's what's been on my mind this week and that's what I've been praying about.

This was going to be a quick pop in to share the good news but all of this came out instead. Sorry, no pictures right now...I have to go google ice cream recipes. ;)



  1. Hooray!! That is exciting news!!!! I am sooo glad all of these are coming down. And the dairy!! that is so huge!!!

  2. Remember that we want to take you guys out for pizza (with cheese) if we can!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed!

  3. OMG Steph, I must have missed the initial post about the peanut reaction...just read now. I have tears in my eyes imagining how you must have felt!!!

    A little over due but BIG HUGS to you....

  4. Thank you, Melissa. xoxoxoxo Hopefully Angie will never have to go through that.


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