so I had this idea

that I would make a card for my friend that would look like a big comfy bed.
You know, comforting or something.

And so I did! And I showed Patrick. And he didn't see it. At all.

But I am sending it anyways, explaining the whole thing to her, hoping it will at least get a laugh.

I think it's cute and it was fun to sew, so that is something.


Ruby got a fever after dinner last night and then puked around midnight. As of an hour ago, her fever is gone and she is keeping in fluids. ?? Maybe it's that poop she licked the other night. That cannot be good for the stomach.
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  1. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.........give them a kiss from gramma,ok?

  2. That card is PERFECT honey.....what a cute idea.
    Gee, I'm actually not feeling all that good myself........

  3. Thank you, Mom. The bed is a little long now that I look at it. I guess it is a California Double. hahhahahaha!

    Her fever is back but she is eating & water color painting. Oh and screaming at James...gotta go.


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