something seemed a little off

It took me a couple of minutes yesterday morning to realize that James' ear was red & swollen and not just starting to stick out. hee! For a minute there I felt kinda bad for him. :) It's much better today.

Other points of mild interest:

I borrowed Rachel's bike last night, that has a child seat on the back, so we could all go for a bike ride together. It was so fun! I haven't ridden in years so it was a little nerve wracking at first with Ruby on the back and all, but I got the hang of it quickly. Ruby kept rubbing my back and offering up positive affirmations..."you're doing weawwy good, mom" and "I love my whole famiwy on a bike wide togezzer."

We got a few of James' RAST results by email this morning. He is now in the class ZERO for dairy, which is absent/undetectable. Last year, when I got so excited, he was in class 1, the low class, and was obviously still allergic. (will not go into that heartbreaking fiasco again. sigh.) So, once again I am hopeful. I'm sure we will be doing a skin test at the allergist next week and then, possibly, a food challenge. I've since read that skin tests can take up to a year to follow RAST results so I am not getting my hopes up. HOWEVER, this is still just excellent news as his test scores show a definite decreasing trend over the last 4 years.

06/2004 M: 8.7
05/2005 M: 12.4

03/2006 M: 1.3

04/2007 M: 1.3

07/2008 M: .59

07/2009 M: <.35

He was also negative for goat's milk & cat dander, which we expected. Peanut & egg haven't come through yet but I'm not expecting him to have dropped off the charts for those. Just hoping for another decrease!

So, now I'm a little jittery. I need to go make some coffee (ha!) and stop waiting for those other results to pop into my inbox. This stuff is exciting and it's hard not to get too excited. It's funny because I don't even miss dairy that much any more as far as cooking for my family (don't get me wrong, it would be great to have so many more meal options but also? we'd probably all gain weight) but the HOPE is what is so exciting. The hope that we might not have to worry *quite* as much about what crosses James' lips...that is what makes me jittery.


  1. This is GREAT news Stephanie! I admire you for facing all of the food allergy trials and tribulations with such a postive outlook. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the results. Keep us posted :)

  2. That's excellent honey. And I agree w/Susan, your attitude about this ever since he was born has been positive/"can do", and I'm proud of you.
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, madre

  3. you guys are very sweet. xoxo

  4. Great news!
    Great haircut too!~


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