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This is what I have been doing all day besides caring for my sick daughter and bored son. I want to sell some cards at the shows this fall so I've been brainstorming ideas. I got white cards & envelopes and they seem so plain to me. These would have words stamped on them, of course, but do you think colored backgrounds would be much better? I am also thinking of a $2 or 3/$5 price point. Any feedback? If it's nasty, please leave it anonymously so I can pretend you are a stranger. :)

Oh yeah, the mushroom one was just for fun after I realized that my polka dot fabric would make a great cap. I do have a fun idea with those, though, it just takes more time than I have today to put together. (which might mean it's too labor intensive to mass produce as well.) I think the bunting ones would say something like "let's hang out this Christmas." JUST KIDDING. Something like "be full of good cheer", for reals. And I don't think I'd do that rolled crayon background you see in pic 2, that was just to remind me of the good old grade school days.

(feedback appreciated!) (thank you!)
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  1. I love them, but I think that you are CRAZY to make those cute little banners. Man that seems like a lot of work. Have you thought about water colors? You could do a little watercolor in the stems.... just a thought and I do not know if that would make it harder.

    BTW I wanted to know if I could help you sell this year? I do not want to add anything to your table, but it was so much fun last year that I would love to help out this year. Just let me know.

  2. Sorry I just looked at the first one again and am guessing that you used water colors for that one...

  3. This is a really cute idea - I like the bunting the best for sure.

    I do think that different colored card stock would make a HUGE difference and make them look really nice. Maybe a sage-y green? Or, like Zoe suggested, a simple watercolor wash. Actually, now that I think about it, that might look more crafty...

    Can't wait to ogle your booth!

  4. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it! I did watercolor wash one card today & had it drying so I will sew on that and see how it goes. These cards aren't really made for paint, mushroom one got kind of warped. I do love the sage green idea, Vicki. And yes, Zoe, you can come and help me. Thank you!!

  5. I'm in love with your peppermint Christmas trees. They are super cute! :) Now I want to make some. Hahhahaha.

  6. When is this years Craftacular? I want to mark my calendar so I don't have to miss out this year. Love your cards!


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