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Well, my goodness, it's been a while. How are you?

I am doing well. I am actually focusing on getting us through this next week until vacation. Summer started to feel excruciatingly long to me last weekend. Ruby wouldn't stop whining and squealing, everything felt so THE SAME. I drove to church Sunday morning complaining bitterly in my head about so many different things. I felt sick of my children, sick of our yard, sick of the pool, sick of the park...sick of all of it.

And then I got to church (lucky kids!) and forgot about my (poor, poor) self for a while. Those kids are so charming. Even when they're being little stinkers, which isn't very often, they are so darn cute. I love 3 year olds and they all reminded me how lucky I am to have one of my own. So I drove home from church feeling thankful for that gentle reminder and apologetic for my foul mood, but still a little sick of summer.

I am definitely ready for vacation, ready for a little break. I am ready to see my sister in a gorgeous dress marrying the man she loves. I'm ready to see my family and be in a fun place with my husband and kids.

Until then, though, I am here, where the days have started feeling longer and longer. My attitude is better, which helps, and so is my determination to not let Ruby walk all over this household with her bad three year old self. Every once in a while my parenting needs to be stepped up and this is one of those times. And you know what? Just deciding that helps stuff feel better again...helps me feel in charge again, which is where I should be, you know? Sometimes it's just so much easier to ignore her (or their) bad behavior but that always backfires after a while.

One last thing to complain about, and then the fun stuff. My allergies are HORRIBLE. I am sneezing so hard, so many times a day and blowing my nose over and over. If I take a Zyrtec I am asleep by 6pm and it doesn't really seem to be helping anyways. I am calling my doc today to see if I can get something else. Anyone love an allergy medicine?


Kari and her boys came over yesterday and we had such a good time. Her kids are sweet and Ruby & James love to hang out with them and Kari isn't so bad, herself. ;) She brought me a ton of fresh veggies from her garden, we had an awesome salad for lunch, lots of talking & book suggestions, some good input regarding my Craftacular stuff...a really great day. (besides the fact that Ruby peed herself THREE times. sigh.) I am so excited to go to our quilting weekend with her & Zoe in September.

From this morning, how a king size bed can feel small:

And, so I don't disappoint you by not showing something Christmas-y even though it is still July and you all think I'm nuts, my little stockings. These are about 10" long and made with some of my FAVORITE fabrics. I know I will want to tell anyone who buys them how these are my FAVORITE fabrics and they can really only bring it home if they promise to love them as much as I do. And then they will ask for a refund and promptly run away.

And I will have ALLLLLLL the stockings! hahahhahahhahahhahahhahaha!

Alrighty then! I have an 8:00 date for a game of Battleship. Wish me luck! xoxo

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  1. We had a ton of fun too! Thanks for letting me ramble on - I hope I let you get a word in edgewise. Simon wanted to know if James' Dad would come to our house and build him a fort like James and Ruby's.

  2. My 14 y.o. son uses Cromolyn nasal spray. He sprays once in the am, and once at night, and it seems to be working better than any of the over the counter meds he's tried, and without the dopey side-effects. It prevents the mast cells from acting up when exposed to allergens. The trick is to use it before you encounter anything that sets you off. Before Cromolyn, he was using a neti pot with pretty good results.


  3. Maybe I will try a neti pot. I've heard about them but been intimidated so far. thank you, erin. :)

  4. I LOVE the stockings!!! They are adorable!!!!! That is wonderful fabric, and if I bought them, I would love them every day for the rest of my life!!

    Sorry about the allergies! That stinks! We use Zyrtec over here, but at night before the boys go to bed. Hope you can find something that works without knocking you out.

    love ya!!


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