zip, zilch, zero

I have done nearly nothing today and it feels sooooo good. I did go for a (wet) early morning bike ride and poured the kids each a bowl of cereal. Oh, and I made coffee before Patrick left so he could take a to-go cup. But, after that, nada. I retired to my bed with my latest book, Farm City The Education of an Urban Farmer, and have just been reading all morning while the children come and go from my room into theirs. James just made me a sunbutter & jelly because I said I was hungry. He even toasted it.

The fruit pizza above was one of two I made for yesterday morning after seeing Jessi post about it here. This was the version with soy cream cheese which tasted *almost* as good as the one with dairy cream cheese...just not quite as creamy. It's pretty much all I ate yesterday except for a veggie burger I nuked before I collapsed into bed (for the night) at 7:30.

Before everyone arrived yesterday I photographed a few treasures I haven't shared here yet. First there is the vintage chalkboard that fits perfectly on my little corner kitchen wall. I will probably re-do the blackboard paint sometime this fall.
Where it hangs:
And this little corner is making me happy since I cleaned it up last week. That old baby picnic basket was a thrilling find quite a while back and I finally made room to have the larger one out again. I love them together. They are both filled with crafting stuff.
Which brings me to what has been on my mind so often lately. Craft shows! I have so many ideas churning around in my head and I have just been recording them and starting to purchase supplies the last couple weeks. I have almost finalized my list of what to make and will begin production shortly. I had so much fun doing the Craftacular last year and really liked that period of mass production (on a very small scale) crafting of last fall. Naomi will be accepting applications for this years' show soon (maybe later today!) and I am also going to do a small one right here in town in October. Fun.

I do not want summer to be over, although it seems to be ending even as I write this. And while I am very sniffly sometimes at the thought of James going to school I am also downright excited at other times. See?

(just give me a minute to compose myself here)

I know things are seldom as you imagine them but I am imagining anyways...days filled with painting projects (all these shelves I've dragged home) & sewing and bike rides and dig & save and pancakes made with eggs for Ruby and I. happy sigh. Everyone knows how easy one child feels when you normally have 2 around your ankles, right? (or 3 or 6 as one of my friends has...)

And then, of course, cookies & milk waiting for my boy when he gets home. xoxo
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  1. Oh my, that chalkboard is super duper sweet. Love.

  2. I love how you've displayed the art work there. It reminds me of the beauty of Tibetan prayer flags.


  3. Thanks, Sarah. Would you die a little if I told you I hesitated (just a minute) before scooping it up?? That was a close one.

    Thank you, Erin. :)

  4. is that book the one that was just featured on NPR? I heard an interview with the author and am so intrigued...

  5. I don't know, Liz. Sadly, I don't often listen to NPR. I just saw it in my library's new book list and signed up. I love all these books people are writing about eating local, growing your own, no spending for a year, etc. They are all inspiring, even if I don't do what they stays with me. :)


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