14 reasons why

I've loved being married to this man for the last 14 years:

~he's easy on the eyes
~he just cracks me up
~his faith
~his love for our children
~how hard he works to take care of us
~how he appreciates what I do at home
~he'll gladly wear sandals to work if there are no clean socks
~he puts the seat down
~his perfect hands and when he puts them on my face
~how he supports (almost) all of my ever-changing interests
~he's not too chatty
~I trust him
~I can tell him things I won't tell anyone else and he never judges me
and finally,
~he builds a kick ass campfire

Oh, Patrick. I love you, honey, and thank God for you every day.

Happy Anniversary!!


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  1. Aw! *sniff sniff*

    You and Patrick are too dang sweet. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Those are some mighty fine reasons to love a man. It sounds like the appreciation goes both ways, too. Happy Anniversary =)


  3. OK I can be sappy just like the others, cause it was wonderful... but I gotta say the " he's not too chatty" cracked me up as I am not sure I have ever heard him say more then 1 min of talk at a time:)

    Happy Anniversary I hope you had fun, and enjoyed the pie.

  4. thanks you guys. :) Zoe, he can be chatty but not very often. Sometimes he plays chatty just to bug me. :)

  5. Congrats on your Anniversary, you two! I wish you many more to come. :-)


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