call me crazy,

but I like them.


S: (cleaning jewlery on the bed)
J: You know you can turn your gold into cash at
S: (sighs)
P: No more TV, James.


I know I said I was going to be done posting yesterday but I am in a very good & chatty mood now, so this is what you get. Stuff is getting done, Patrick & I are excited, the kids are in their cages (kidding!). I have to have coffee and mow the lawn now because I never got to it last night. Then it's a haircut for James (Ruby's went well, by the way) and picking up my dress at 2pm. I also bought myself a brand new book for the trip. Yes, BOUGHT one. I almost never buy books because our library is so awesome but I splurged. I got this new one by Mary Kay Andrews. Her books are usually set down south, lots of them in Savannah, which makes them extra fun to read. I love reading books set in my favorite vacation's a little bit like going there. Also, as an added bonus, her characters usually like antiques. Okay, look at me. MUST STOP NOW.
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  1. those look absolutely professional . . . I'm impressed!

  2. NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! They are awesome!!! Yes, you do sound very lighthearted and chatty! Glad you splurged on a new book!

    and p.s. I love that you still have me linked on your blog--like you know someday I will come back. (and I will).

  3. Oh, and I have to say, reading my comments above, did I really just use 10 exclamation points? I HATE IT when exclamation points are used excessively. (See, I put a period there, but I really REALLY wanted to put an exclamation point.)

  4. I want you to do mine!!! I LOVE THAT!! Teach me PLEASE.


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