exciting new products at whole foods!

The kids and I went to Whole Foods in between playground visits today and I was happy to find a couple of new products to try.

The first is Teese Cheese which is made in Chicago and I've been hearing about all over the vegan blogs for the last year. James tried the Creamy Cheddar (not very creamy when served cold) tonight on crackers, with salami, and really liked it. I also got a tube of the mozzarella. I will probably heat up the cheddar and serve it with pasta tomorrow night. We'll try the mozzarella on pizza later this week.
The other was a peanut free almond butter from Blue Diamond. We love Blue Diamond almonds (like I said, peanut free but not tree nut free) and I love almond butter so this made me very excited. I've wanted an almond butter for at home, mainly for myself, but they are all very pricey and are almost all labeled with "may contain peanuts." A jar the size of a jar of Nutella was $4.99 so I thought that was pretty good. (oh! and there was a $1 off coupon in the circular all over the store right now) I think Sunbutter will still be our go-to sandwich spread but I cannot wait to try this on my toast tomorrow morning.

It's always fun to have a couple of new options at the store, especially right now when I am starting to think about packing a (hopefully fun & healthy) lunch for him every day. So far he's requested a rotating pattern (his words) of corn dogs, sandwiches & cold pizza. I'm working on it, buddy. :)


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