finally, the big day

My mom, Andrea, Ruby and I all went to the coolest salon to get ready for the big day. Andrea & I had our hair and make up done and Ruby ended up getting a little attention, too. We were just planning on letting her wear her hair down, to avoid any drama, but she LET them comb her hair, put a sparkly barrette in it, cover her scalp in glitter (?) and put a touch of blush and gloss on her for the pictures. This place had a whole room devoted to parties for little girls and Ruby had a field day in there. She actually took every. single. thing. out but I was too busy at that point to snap a picture.

Annie's & my toes:Ruby, eating up the attention:
All ready, on the way...
Ronan, waiting for his bride:
Here she comes, just a little happy: (with my dad, you may recognize him from here)
My mom, gearing up for the prayer:
Jamesy bo:
Miss Harper, grandma & my Dad (odd photo, but cute):
MR. & MRS...
Me, brother & seester:
The head table:
Erin & James with my Dad & Aunt Marlene in the back:
Diane, Kelly, and Todd (Andrea, the other bridesmaid, is behind Kelly):
Patrick & Rubes:
Rachel & Ruby: (they love each other)
James' dinner: (they gave him everything I brought and arranged it like this...hahahhahahaha)
James & Ruby during the father/daughter dance:
Andrea & Dad during the father/daughter dance:
Seester, shaking it down:
Annie & Ronan, smooching:
Erin & Ruby...(you should have seen these 2 dancing together. so cute. Erin was teaching her all the rad moves.)
Ruby, opening her goodie bag:
Sarah with sparkler:
2 cousins, getting down with their bad selves: (cropped to protect the innocent)
Auntie Lee , Sarah, Mom, Erin, and some guy in the back who I wish would have ducked:
In the limo on the way home:
Ruby had fallen asleep about an hour or so before we left and Patrick held her the whole time. My turn, in the limo:
James & I:
2 minutes later:
The bride & groom:
10 minutes later:
and, the final shot of the day, all that and a bag of chips:

I spoke earlier of what an awesome day this was, all around. Personally, I was so happy to feel so good and not tired the entire day. I really enjoyed it all and was so thankful for that. The reception was SO MUCH fun and we danced and danced and danced. I love dancing. I love seeing (almost) all of my family in one place having so much fun together. I love seeing my sister so happy. xoxooxoxox

p.s. A huge thank you to Andrea, my sister's friend & fellow bridesmaid, for the BEAUTIFUL shots of the ceremony that she let me share here! :)


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