I'm not sure where to begin...

but maybe the beginning? Do you think? Here were the kids on one of our flights out there. It went pretty well...Ruby got sick of it but that didn't surprise me. She finally passed out as we were landing in Boston and I had to haul her heavy little body down to baggage claim, onto the Dollar car rental shuttle, into the Dollar place where we had to wait a LONG time...she slept through all of it. James LOVED the airport & flights. In Madison they let him help load our baggage and hit the start button on the conveyor belt. Isn't it the best when people are sweet to your kids? Love that.

A brief overview:

We had SO MUCH fun. If anything can top your sister getting married it's your sister getting married and having a week to hang out with her and so many more of your favorite people. I just love my family. Along with my own little family, my extended family is the biggest blessing in my life. How did I get so lucky? They are all so darn much fun. Anyways. I have no idea how all of this will come out of me but probably in fits & starts. I never have enough time to write everything down so it may trickle out over the next month as it comes to me...there are so many things I don't want to forget.

Most importantly, the wedding was AMAZING. It rained but that didn't matter so much as I was under the gazebo. HAHAHAHHAHA. Kidding, but the ceremony was pretty fast and everyone seemed just fine. The reception was under a huge tent and even though it was freezing at first (Sarah & I ran over to WalMart to get microplush throws to use as shawls...only $7!) we all warmed up once the dancing started.

The overwhelming emotion for me that day was JOY. I feel happy an awful lot but it isn't too often where I have a day of solid JOY. I couldn't stop smiling...I could barely look at Annie for fear of bawling my eyes out, but I just felt so much goodness that day...so happy for her & Ronan. Wow, you know? I've had my husband for nearly 14 years and I just can't imagine my life without him...and now she has that and it couldn't make me happier.


It is good to be home. I have a half-ton of laundry, as I did none while we were there, but it is a sunny day and my clotheslines are excited to have me back after a week away. (they are, I can tell.) My mom is also here until Sunday and she is wrangling my children and cleaning my kitchen as I type this. Lovely re-entry, if you ask me. xoxo


  1. Welcom Home Steph!! It sounds like everything was just perfect! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. It all sounds SO nice - and now I want a clothesline.

    (I had a baby who would fall asleep every time the plane LANDED and we traveled a lot in those days. What a PAIN.)

  3. have fun with your mom. See you soon.


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