picnic point and how I am so excited for fall

(picture from last year, not today)

Today Wendy & I took the kids to Picnic Point. We had a great time even though James jumped aboard a stranger's boat and Ruby got stung by something mysterious. It was nearly 80 but there is that slight chill in the air that tells me fall is not far behind these warmer days.

I CANNOT WAIT!! I'm pretty sure I've gone on and on in the past* about how much I love fall and this year is no different. Right off the top of my head, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to:

1. kindergarten
2. kindergarten
3. kindergarten
4. kindergarten
5. kindergarten

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I feel guilty saying that but I am excited. It's not so much James, really, it's Ruby & James together and how freaking loud they are. I am ready for some (relative) silence, people. For real. (You see, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and so tired some days I cannot even think straight. We haven't heard the heartbeat yet but I see my doc next week and am sooooo excited!! we told the kids last weekend. will write more about this later.) I know I'm going to cry like a little baby that first week but I also know that it will be a nice change, a good change, fun for James, et cetera, et cetera. After I'm done crying I'm going to:

1. Make mac & cheese for lunch
2. Go for a bike ride, on the trail (James doesn't like the trail), with Ruby
3. prep dinner in the morning so I can just hang with James for a couple hours after school
4. take Ruby out to breakfast and to the thrift store
5. look forward to grocery shopping with only one kid


That slight chill in the air today reminded me of this favorite day there last November. Loved that day. Today we also got to listen to the UW Band's first practice of the season. There's nothing like a marching band, am I right?

*I tried to search my blog for some other posts going on and on about fall but all I could find was this one. Man, that was funny. :)


  1. You are PREGNANT??? Congratulations! When does that make you due? I'm excited to hear your kid's responses, as I know you will share them. Yay! Love the photo at the top of this one too!

  2. Congratulations on your BIG NEWS in small type! All the best for a happy, healthy pregnancy =)


    that's just got to mean baby in some language, right?

  3. Well, well, congratulations mama.

  4. Thanks, Kathy, Erin & Sarah. :) I think my due date is April 4th. Will know more next week & the week after.

    And, Erin, forgive my ignorance...where does wv=bumba come from? :)

  5. Oh, I remember the fatigue so vividly. I hope you find little moments of energy when you need them. Congrats!

  6. wv=word verification

    You know how when you leave a comment, it asks you to type some random word? Well, today it is "aimxvhot", the day of my last comment was "bumba", and I thought to myself, hmmm, "bumba" could be "baby" in another language for all I know!


  7. HOLY COW!!!!! congrats!!!!!!! how exciting!

    I am down to the last eleven weeks and man will I be glad when I'm not pregnant anymore, but seriously, enjoy every second.
    xx's and oo's!!!

  8. Thank you Holly & Naomi. Naomi - I can't believe you have only 11 weeks left. How exciting!! (I know it doesn't feel like "only" when you're the pregnant one. :)

    And Erin, thanks for clearing that up for me. I am a little s l o w sometimes. :) I've seen some WV coincidences myself.

  9. So terribly late to this party! Pregnant!!!! Unreal!! So thrilled for you! What a lovely tale of your sister's wedding- i've enjoyed every installment. 9 weeks preggers! I can't get over it! Was it in the works all this time?


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