the rehearsal dinner

This post probably should have come before yesterday's but I am tired and this is the best I can do. :) The rehearsal dinner was Friday evening up at the wedding location, Hidden Hills, in Rindge, NH.

It was a gorgeous night and everyone had a good time.

Here is my aunt Marlene trying to take a picture of Annie's rack shirt. ;)
After the rehearsal we headed to Andrea & Ronan's for a dinner party. Andrea surprised me with a Six Pack of Maid of Honor Love. It was filled with 6 goodies for a romantic & relaxing evening for Patrick and I. No, I won't go into details. You can see the water and you'll have to imagine the rest. 6 packs of love have been one of my favorite things I ever thought of and I've made quite a few of them for my sister and cousins. This was the first time I ever got one and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. (Please don't steal this idea and go commercial with it...I might someday and then I will SUE you. ;) kidding. kind of. I would be super pist*.
James had a little buddy and you can barely see Ruby under the two tweens that adopted her immediately.
Oh, there they are, showing her the wine rack.
They had hung these amazing star lanterns from the trees and this was our view out by the fire pit.
Ruby came out at one point and pulled her chair right up next to Andrea.
So I used the flash. Andrea looks like a model here, I think.

And that was the rehearsal dinner! We also took them to the water park at the hotel that morning and then Ruby and I had a nice nap afterwards. A most excellent day.


I have to wrap this up because I set the timer for myself and when it goes off I have to play play-doh. Oh dear.


*my first boyfriend from 5th grade, KURT VERVILLE, wrote me a letter once and spelled "pissed" this way. PIST. I've loved it ever since. xoxoxoox


  1. It looks like a great time. But what I really want to know is if Ruby let you put her hair up for the wedding?:)

  2. You'll have to wait one more day to find out. :)

    I just called you!

    Oh, and those toenails? FAKE. Target. $6.

  3. Okay, this wedding (and rehearsal) was out of this world beautiful. I loved all the extra touches--everyone worked so hard and it all came together perfectly.

    Glad you had such a nice time seeing & helping your seesta get hitched. :)


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